6 Degrees of Black Sabbath

From Geddy Lee to Converter in 15 steps

First we start with Geddy Lee
that was member of The Big Dirty Band
that has member Jeff Burrows
that was member of The Tea Party
that has member Jeff Martin
that performed vocal on the track Premonition by Conjure One
that has member Rhys Fulber
that was member of Delerium
that has member Michael Balch
that was member of Ministry
that has member Rey Washam
that was member of Lard
that has member Jello Biafra
that performed the track That's Progress (feat. Jello Biafra) by D.O.A.
that created the track Revolution Is a Business (remix by C-Drik) (feat. D.O.A.) that was performed by Ambassador21
that performed the track New Doctrine About Trinity II (feat. Converter) by Converter

Path score is 310.00